In the darkest moments, culture will shed a light at the end of the tunnel.

While the rest of the world  is being witness of the dark spectacle of the ascension of  simplicity in the highest places of power in Washington, this movie will remember us  that there is a vast wealth of culture in United States that  for decades has being shared with the rest of the world.

And yet, this is not just an American Movie. It’s a movie about people, a movie that will make you dance and will make you remember the day that you floated trough the air. (If you got the chance to float in one moment in your life.[I did]).

I don’t think the movie is a by-product of The Donald as president, but I think the reception will be a direct reaction to the simplicity that reigns in the news cycle.

People need a escape.

And if it is raining in USA … the simplicity already reigns in our country and we urgently need to have more culture around us,no one is writing our story. We also need our tropical escape valve.

And there is a tune that will be stuck in your head for a long time.
And you will learn what is the meaning of a song.
And you will learn what is the meaning of going to the movies.

Don’t waste this movie. Go by yourself or go with someone special.



American Crime

amcrimeWell, this is something.· I got this in Hulu as a part of the ABC offerings. Got impressed from the beginning.

This is a story that is segmented by skin color. The characters can be well-defined as : The whites, the blacks, the Latinos. They shall not mix. And if they mix the hell will break loose.

It’s a really heavy drama where you can go trough an entire chapter without one single smile from them. But the real star here is Felicity Huffman.

A gimmick from the make-up artist: they put black eyes on her. That and the incredibly talent of this woman gave birth to an angry mother full of racial issues and prejudices. She is stubborn but crying out for help, every minute. She is hopeless.  And she is not the happy wife of the other series.

And the junkies. They got families, they need help, but it’s really hard to deal with them. You want to kill them in some chapters. You’ll yell at your tv. And then you’ll feel sorry for them. Again.

It got me, and I’m an outsider. God only knows what will be the effect inside United States. One of the characters is an american born of Mexican parents. And he hates and blames the immigrants of all the problems in their neighborhood.  And the guy call her kid “mija”. For shure this is truth.  The race thing en USA is really complex, and you can take a look at this with this drama.

Part of the secret here is the writer: John Ridley, the same guy who wrote the script for 12 years a slave.


Emmy Nominations

The affair

Dominic West as Noah and Ruth Wilson as Alison in The Affair (Keyart). - Photo: Steven Lippman/SHOWTIME

Dominic West as Noah and Ruth Wilson as Alison in The Affair (Keyart). – Photo: Steven Lippman/SHOWTIME

Thanks to the wonderful marriage between Hulu and Showtime, I  was able to watch this series.  I have to confess , being a latin american I got all the authority to tell you that this is really a soap opera. But a well written almost well acted soap opera. Taylor Swift  sings on the opening credits  and the most of the story goes on a pretty , white, american beach where there is just one black woman and one latin american, (who works for  AAA and  knows how to fix a flat tire.)

Why this drama is worth seeing? Because of the format of the story. Each chapter  is split in two parts, Noah and Alison. Because every day the  same story will be told from the perspective of each one of the characters. Very Rashomon. But that’s the only thing  where we can compare with Master Kurosawa. There are some moments where I can almost see a close up like they use to be in any Mexican or Venezuelan  soap opera. There is a waste of talent in the rich sopoiled wife (Maura Tierney) of the womanizer-failed-writer. She used to be a part of the crew of News Radio a couple of centuries ago. But it’s a guilty pleasure. Go ahead and see a novela.   Wikipedia

Harry Potter 7

Harry and Harmoine
Harry Dance with Harmoine

You don’t have to be a Potter scholar to see this movie. Me , being me, saw it and really enjoyed it.

Please take note that this note if full of spoilers.  So, you are warned.
The movie start with a hell of a dogfight up in the air, the director will give you some action at the beginning to keep your attention and it does it in a marvelous way.
Then there is some blood, some magic, special effects, some laughter  and the road trip to someplace that I really miss in the middle of the movie. This movie focus on the 3, Harry, Hermione  (you don’t know  how hard is that name for me), and Ron.
Up with all the magic crap, the movie got one scene that particularly touch me.  Harry is in a tent with Hermione, they are trough a very difficult time, and all of a sudden, Harry invites her to a dance. And their moves are very clumsy, but it looks  so real.
This is the song that was playing in the radio when they danced. Then there is a midget dying and monsters and the nose-less villain making the live hard for Harry and their friends.
It really transported me … that dance scene. Boys and girls please play attention.. you have to have a dance like this when you are young. Probably this will be one of those memories that will come when you are close to kick the bucket.

Tim Burton @ MoMA

There will be an exposition of raw ideas from Tim Burton in the Museum of Modern Art , in New York. Don’t you think the above picture is the coolest thing?

Anyways, there is also a weird entrance to the expo. According to the times, there will be a lot of sketches from Burton’s teen years. For me, the most striking movie was Edward Scissorhands, the stop motion motion work is also great, and the barber at least is a lot of fun. Just wait and see about Alice.

If I were a millionaire I would catch a plane for the weekend just to see this.

A World of Macabre Misfits




This is my desperate attempt to revive this  almost dying blog. What to do? Well! bring a nice link from Wired Magazine. Here you’ll be able to rate your internet addiction in 3 levels.  If you are stealing the wifi from your neighbours then is ok .  

I have to confess that my neighbour upstairs is a very selfish person by having an open wi-fi with no internet connection. This is irresponsable and cruel, Im thinking on leaving a note on his door.

I don’t know my level. But once, i was crawling my bed looking for the better wi-fi connection (close to my bedroom window) with my BlackBerry.  Have you ever try to look for a wifi in a car in motion trough Calle 50? I did. There is a bunch of wireless open to the masses in that street.   Also I have to say that I regret the fact that there is no  wi-fi in Cinépolis. What do you expect me to do during those long minutes before the trailers?. Also y can say that there is no internet access in El Valle, close to el Nispero. What are they expecting to have a decent mesh there??

I got mine, now is time for you to rate your dependency level.

Rate your internet dependency level